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The colour, taste, juices & freshness. Sahyadri Farms’ Apple Kinnor is a delightful sweet, crunchy and juicy fruit that makes this apple delicious. Fulfilling as a snack or a quick munch on, Apple Kinnor has notable health benefits. Order your bunch of freshness, taste them & get assured of the quality!

Product Features:

1) High in fiber and vitamin C. 2) Beneficial for healthy immune & digestive system. 3) Blemish free & full of nutrition.

Product Reviews

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If you're up for a juicy, tasty, and healthy snack...this is perfectttt for you. Apples are my favorite fruit and the Kinnor Apples are my favorite apples. They're big and extremely juicy. They're affordable also. So now, you have a healthy tasty affordable snack.

Posted by Munmun Gupta on 3 Weeks Ago

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These were the best apples, I ever tasted

Posted by Sandeep Kutwal on 3 Weeks Ago

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