SNPP GAU AMRUT Certified Organic Cow Ghee


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Prepared through the traditional Fermentation process especially; from Ayurvedic perspectives. Prepared from In House Certified Pure Organic Cow Milk. No Chemicals; no pesticides no hormonal injections used on cows and fodder. No Preservatives added; It has natural color; No colors added. 9 months shelf life. Best taste attributes. Rich in vitamins; Minerals and Metals FSSAI approved Organic Cow Ghee. Our Cows are grass fed/ with organic fodder; produced using in house vermicompost; cow dung manure and cow urine . Organic Certification by OneCert. Cow Ghee has many medicinal properties and is a good Natural Supplement for General Health. NOTE: Delivery of the Ghee in Glass Jar is not safe /feasible for transporting so the Ghee will be sent in Food Graded HDPE Jar.

Product Features:

1. Made from Certified Organic Cow Milk 2. Made with a special slow cook process 3. In this process, ghee is prepared by cooking slowly for about three and a half hours over gradually increased temperatures which enhances its natural aroma and taste 4. Certified Organic Cow Ghee 5. Food Grade PET jar

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