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Known to be eaten as a desert fruit, Sahyadri Farms’ Persimmon resembles a tomato but tastes sweet. Mild and rich, this fruit has a texture similar to that of an apricot. Persimmons can be often eaten fresh as a snack, tossed with salads, roasted, or cooked into desserts. This fruit is taken care of while delivering to you as excessive handling can cause skin discoloration or softening of the fruit.

Product Features:

1) Contains ample of nutrients including Vitamin A & C, 2) Blemish free, 3) Includes high dietary fiber, 4) Ripened naturally for its soft texture.

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I received deffective persimmons...out of four, 3 persimmons were daamaged. Also the quality shown on picture is totally different which i received.. even in market we get best quality.

Posted by SNEHA KASPALE on 2 Weeks Ago

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