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An exciting mix of Fruits with Vegetables in 1 basket! ‘Color Mix Combo Basket’ offers you a larger variety of must-haves in your kitchen. Full of greens and reds and yellows, you can choose to prepare traditional cuisine with all the included ingredients. So, pick the Color Mix Combo Basket for a refreshing bunch of fruits & veggies.

Product Features:

1) Potato (1kg), 2) Tomato(1Kg), 3) Onion (1Kg), 4) Bottle Gourd (1 Pc), 5) Cabbage (1 Pc), 6) Bhendi (500 g Bag), 7) Banana (6 Pc Wrap), 8) Apple Royal Gala(4 Pc), 9) Pomegranate(4 Pc), 10) Orange Imported (4 Pc).
Note: Item in basket may change subject to availability.

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Lot of variation. Not whats you order and what you get. ??

Posted by P Soni on 23 Hour Ago

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