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Vegetable Basket comprises of all your weekly essentials. It has a combo of all required vegetables.

Product Features:

Bhindi (500 gm) , Tomato (1 Kg) , Kairry( Raw Mango)(2Pcs) , Coriander(1Bunch) , Methi(1 Bunch) , Lemon (5 pcs) , Ginger(100 gm) , Cucumber (Kakadi)(500 gm) , Carrot(500 gm) , Bottle Gourd(1 pcs) , Green Chili (Mirchi)(100 gm) , Capsicum Green(4 pcs) , Cluster Beans (Guar)(500 gm) , Lemon Grass(1Bunch) , Ridge Gourd(2Pcs) , Cabbage PC(1 pc) , Brinjal Kateri(500 gm) , DrumStick(10 cut pcs) , Curry Leaves( as per availability) Note: Item in basket may change subject to availability.

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