Our Story

2000 - We would like to take you with us on a trip down memory lane. A journey that started in the year 2000 and brings us to where we are today as Sahyadri Farmer Producer Company Limited. In 2000, we were a small group of farmers. We grew fruits & vegetables on less than 1 Hectare of land. We were smaller than the smallest farmers and hence called 'Marginal Farmers'. We were among the many like us in India that account for 63% of the total farmer population. Our limited capacity and resources were resulting in various challenges. Some of these challenges were:

  • 1. Lack of basic infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, power, transport and proper roads and connectivity
  • 2. Lack of quality agri-inputs such as seeds, pesticides and even farming equipment due to limited funds and resources
  • 3. Lack of right agro advisory from knowledgeable and skilled persons in the field of agriculture
  • 4. Fragmented supply chain with little or no access to wider markets
  • 5. High post-harvest losses due to lack of facilities for storage and processing
  • 6. Exploitation by multiple intermediaries due to dependency on them for marketing and distribution

2003-2004 - We realized that being individual farmers posed a lot of limitations and challenges and there was little we could do alone. 10 of us farmers decide to get together to overcome the challenges we faced. We decided to change our lives for the better and hoped that we could change the situation for our farming fraternity in general someday.

In 2003, we became 'Farmer-Entrepreneurs' from being just marginal farmers. We started by setting up the necessary infrastructure in the next 1 year. This included, establishing a privately held company and an APEDA approved infrastructure, which would be eligible to export our produce.

In 2004, we were overjoyed to received our first direct export order. We shipped our first 4 containers of fresh grapes to the European continent.

2014 - We were by now a 'Fort Knox' in the world of farming. Sahyadri Farms included 1007 marginal farmers as part of the company. We were declared India's leading exporter of fresh grapes this year. We successfully shipped 625 containers of great tasting, fresh grapes amounting to 9000MT quantity valued at US$ 17 million.

2015 - While we had overcome most of our challenges, we still faced 2 major issues namely: absence of wider market for our fresh produce which could not be exported due to shorter shelf life and lack of value addition by way of processing units for our tomatoes, mangoes and bananas to convert them into ketchups, purees, pulps, juices and jams. We felt that overcoming these challenges would be like crossing the final frontier for us and make agriculture meaningful and profitable in the true sense as we have envisioned it. It could also be truly termed as "sustainable".

We set-up the following divisions:
Retail Division - To help supply farm fresh fruits and vegetables directly to our domestic consumers with a promise of 100% safe food and 100% trace-ability. Processed Foods Division - To help with value addition and processing our farm produce into pulps, juices & ketchups.

Agri-Inputs Division - In order to ensure the best quality farm produce, increase the yield of every farm, and ultimately the profitability of every farmer, we decided to procure our own quality agri-inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery. We even set up our own poly houses and drip irrigation systems. This paved the way to establish our Agri-Inputs Division under the current "Farmers Facility Center". The intention was to source agri-inputs directly from quality manufacturers within India and the world over.

Our goal was setup to support every farmer in India marginal, small or large and make sure every farm, farmer and farming in general, become and remain profitable. We also started allocating shares of the company to farmers and allocated shares to the first 206 Farmers.

2016 - We achieved the following:

  • 1. Exported Grapes to the tune of 904 containers.
  • 2. Exported processed products to Europe, USA & Canada
  • 3. Exported IQF (Instant Quick Freezing) grape to Australia and are the first company to do so.
  • 4. Started manufacturing Tomato Paste
  • 5. Allocated shared to an additional 188 farmers
  • 6. Imported Patented table Grape Varieties ARRA 15 &Iniagrape 1
  • 7. Opened first domestic Retail shop

2017 - We achieved the following:

  • 1. Exported grapes to the tune of 1150 containers
  • 2. Exported processed food to Africa & Gulf Country
  • 3. Implemented SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit )
  • 4.Received CII Cold Chain Awards for Outstanding Performance Pack house - large segment
  • 5. Installed 9 Weather stations for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information to Farmers
  • 6. Imported table grape variety - ARRA 19 from GRAPA, California
  • 7.Collaborated with Kisanhub for digital advisory to farmers

2018 - We achieved the following:

  • 1.Exported grapes to the tune of 1162 containers
  • 2. Started exporting Frozen Strawberry to Japan
  • 3. Entered an MOU with Tata Strive for Agri. Industry Skill Development
  • 4. Entered an MOU with Future Retail to supply fresh fruits & vegetables
  • 5. Upgraded to FSSC from ISO 22000 :2005
  • 6. Started facility for value added products like Jam, Ketchup, Hot fill Juice, Aseptic products
  • 7. Started new Pack House for grapes with state-of-the-art packaging line

2019- We are still going strong today and have achieved the following:

  • 1. Exported grapes to the tune of 1481 Containers
  • 2. Started Jam, Ketchup & Squash Private Label Production at Mohadi plant for Hindustan Unilever Ltd
  • 3. Expanded Cold Storage facility from 2000MT to 5000 MT
  • 4. Started commercial production of patented table grapes varieties (IniaGrape-1, Black Seedless & Arra15, White Seedless) originally imported from California and Chile.

Venturing into Retail

Sahyadri Farms ventured into e-commerce and retail stores in order to connect our farmers directly with the market. We seek to bring maximum standardization and optimization of our supply chain so that the consumers get safe and healthyfood, while bringing sustainability to the Indian small-landholding farmer.